Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements

Online casinos use no deposit bonuses and free spins to attract new players and to reward the loyal ones. When online casinos first started giving these bonuses, many people abused them. Some would open numerous accounts just to cash in free money and withdraw it without playing. Online casinos were forced to come up with measures to protect themselves. That is when wagering requirements were introduced. The use of wagering requirements helps casinos to avoid losses. Casinos usually have standard waging requirements that apply to all their bonuses but they may create new ones for special promotions. A wagering requirement, also called a play through requirement, is a representation of the minimum number of times a player needs to play with a bonus before they can be allowed to withdraw winnings.

Online casinos impose wagering requirements to encourage players to play even more and to protect the bonuses they offer players. The wagering requirement is usually provided as a number followed by an ‘X’. The number represents the number of times a player must play with their bonus money before they can make withdrawals. If, for example, it appears as 30X and the bonus money is 100 pounds, a player must bet on the 100 Pounds 30 times. That means a player would have to bet 3000 pounds before they can withdraw their winnings. Players can only use select casino games to fulfill wagering requirements. Different games contribute different percentages towards meeting of wagering requirements.

Without placing wagering requirements, casinos would go out of business because of losses. Considering the fact that online casinos can be accessed by people from all over the world, if casinos would let everyone collect cash bonuses, they would be losing billions. Wagering requirements ensure that both casinos and players benefit. The players get a chance to play in different sites and learn how they work without risking their own money. They also gain some experience from playing. Casinos, on the other hand, get the opportunity to show new players what their websites are like and to make some profits. They also protect casino operators from unscrupulous players who may be out to take advantage of promotions by simply claiming bonuses and moving on to the next sites with offers.

Online casinos all have different types of bonuses. However, most of them offer a deposit bonus. Wagering requirements may also apply to deposits. Depending on different casinos, they may be applied to both the bonus and the deposit combined or only to the bonus. The wagering requirements set on these types of promotions seek to ensure that punters gamble on a certain amount before they can they can withdraw winnings from their bonus funds. Every bonus has a different rollover and a different wagering requirement. Because players are not able to claim all the benefits from bonuses, casinos end up getting their money back.

Players are advised to read and understand the terms and conditions and wagering requirements of online casinos before playing. That way, they can avoid making losses.